Addicted to Love

"l love you
"He loved me
"Said the little blue man
"And scared me right out of my wits"
What is it?
Remember l told you they were
going to pick a teacher...

:02:40 represent the district
at the school in New York?

New York? You?
That's great.
Don't look at me like that.
lt's only two months.
lt's not like l'm going to the moon.
Two months is a long time.
You could come.
You know l can't.
You could take off work.
You just never
Want to get out of this town...

...and see the possibilities.
Everything l want to see is right here.
You, the sky.
l went to school
in that building right there.

l hung upside down on this jungle gym.
ln 20 years, l haven't moved an inch.
l fell in love with you on this junglegym.
You know how much l want to do this,
but l love you...

:03:27 if you tell me to stay, l'll stay.