that is threatening
to rip our country in two.

Huh? And all we have on our side
is a rock.
Of course, you didn't ask
to be at the centre

of this historic conflagration
any more than I did,

but we find ourselves here,

by some mysterious mix
of circumstances

and the whole world watching.
So, uh, what are we to do? Huh?
Is he going to help? He has
far many more questions than answers.

- What did he just say?
- I-I... Sorry, I didn't catch it.

Cinque, look.
I'm being honest with you.

Anything less would be

I'm telling you, I'm preparing you,
I suppose I'm explaining to you,
that the test ahead of us is
an exceptionally difficult one.

- We won't be going in there alone.
Alone? Indeed not.
We have right at our side.

We have righteousness at our side.
We have Mr Baldwin over there.
I meant my ancestors.
I will call into the past,
far back to the beginning of time,
and beg them to come and help me
at the judgment.
I will reach back
and draw them into me.

And they must come,
for at this moment, I am the whole
reason they have existed at all.