Anna Karenina

Always in my dream,
I'm clinging to a branch,
Knowing full well that
death inevitably awaits me.

The fear of dying without ever having
Known love was greater than the fear

of death itself I know now I was not alone
in the horror of this darkness.

So, too, was the fear
of Anna Karenina.

It was then that a drop of honey
sweet enough to divert my eyes

from the cruel truth
came into my llfe.

She was the princess
Ekaterina Scherbatsky.
Thank you, Constantine Dmitrich.
I didn't know that
you were in Moscow.

I arrived yesterday.
I mean, today.
I was going
to come to see you.

I didn't know
you could skate so well.

I'm awful.
But the rumor is that
you are a superlative skater.
Oh, years ago. lt used to be
my passion.

Skate with me.
Must be dull in the country
in the winter.

Not at all. I'm very busy.