Anna Karenina

Who is the lucky girl?
Can't you guess?
I'd be your brother-in-law.
Do you think there's
any possibility?

Oh, why shouldn't
there be?

For God's sake, be absolutely
frank with me.

I'll tell you something.
My wife Dolly is a most
wonderful woman.

-She can see through people.
-What do you mean?

Well, I mean, not only that
she likes you,

but she says Kitty is certain
to be your wife.

They are sisters,
after all.

She... she said that?
Constantine Dmitrich Levin.
Oh, God.
He's come early.
I don't think I've come
at the right time.

-I'm too early.
-Oh, no.

This is what I wanted...
to find you alone.
The guests should be
here in a moment.

I told you that I didn't know
whether I would be here long...

that it depended on you.
I meant...
I meant do say...
be my wife.
I cannot be.
Forgive me.
It was not meant to be.
Why, Constantine Dmitrich.
Do stay. Have some tea.
Ah, Constantine Dmitrich.
Back in our corrupt Babylon.
Well, is Babylon reformed,
or have you been corrupted?