Anna Karenina

You've a very illustrious brother-in-law.
Very high up in the Ministry.

Yes, a remarkable man.
But not our kind.
Like your friend Levin. I met him last
night, an insufferable fellow.

Oh, you don't appreciate my Levin.
But yesterday there was a reason
for him being out of sorts.

You don't mean he, uh...
Levin has been in love with
Kitty for so long,

and I feel so very sorry
for him.

So that's it.
Excuse me.
You got my telegram?
How are you? Well?
-Have a good journey, mama?
-Anna Arkadyevna!

Can't you find your brother?
Stiva, here!
She's very charming, isn't she?
Poor girl. Her husband refuses
to travel with her. He says he's too busy.

Well, Countess, you've met
your son, I've met my brother.

Pardon me for not recognizing you,
but I don't think we've ever met before.

Anna Arkadyevna
has a little boy of 8, Seriozha.
They've never been
parted before, and she's fretting

at having left him behind. Really,
Anna, you can't expect never to leave him.

Well, good-bye, countess.
Good-bye, my dear.
Very charming.