Anna Karenina

What do you want?!
Sit down! I have something
to say to you.

I know l... I've done wrong
and I'm...

Whatever your conduct may have been,
I don't consider myself justified

in severing the ties through which a
higher power has bound us.

I shall ignore it
as long as the world knows nothing of it,
as long as my name is not disgraced.

And therefore I simply
warn you that our relations

must remain as they've always been.
-l can't be your wife while l...
-So you see nothing wrong with

your infidelity yet refuse to perform
the same duties for your husband!

What do you want
from me?

I want you to never
see him again!

I want you to be
a dutiful wife!

I can't change
what has happened.

Well, understand this.
I'll go to Moscow. I will not return
to this house again.

I'll divorce you
on the grounds of adultery.

My son will go
to my sister's.

No. You must leave me Seriozha.
You don't love him.

I've even lost
affection for my son

because he is associated
with my loathing for you!

But all the same,
I shall take him.

You are a whore.
You have no legal rights.

Alexei Alexandrovitch,
leave me Seriozha.

You know I can't live
without him.

If you'll conduct yourself
so that neither society

nor the servants can find
anything to say against you,

you can enjoy all the privileges
of a respectable wife

without fulfilling
the duties of one.

and you may
keep your son.