Anna Karenina

This new feeling
has not changed me.

It has not made me happy
and enlightened all of a sudden

as I dreamed it would.
just like the way it was with
my feeling for my son.

-Come to the nursery at once.
-ls something wrong with Mitya?

There was no surprise
about this, either.

-What's going on?
-Mitya wants to see you.

But be it faith or not.
I don't know what it is.

Through suffering, this feeling has crept
just as imperceptibly into my heart.

He knows me.
and has lodged
itself firmly there.

I shall still be unable to understand
with my reason why I pray,

and I shall
still go on praying.

But my llfe now...
my whole llfe... independent of
anything that can happen to me,

every minute of it is no longer
meaningless as it was before,

but has a positive meaning
of goodness

with which I have
the power to invest it.

Lev Tolstoy.