You promise to take him
come then?

OK. You can count on.
Thanks a lot.
Mrs. Sadeghi!
Haven't you gone yet?
Did you see my mother?
What's her problem?
Here mother's late.
l have a jacket for your son.
What do you mean?
We'd never come with
borrowed clothes.

Borrowed! Everything is borrowed.
Even my title.
After all,
l'm not really a General.

Look at this jacket.
lt's well cut.

l bought the material at the
union shop and had it tailored.

He'll never come to the wadding
in this.

But you're our only relatives
down here.

She's my only daughter.
So l want you to be
at her wedding...

With the right clothes.
You want us to be dressed right?
We are already.
Our own clothes
suit us much better.

Anyway, my son will decide.
What shall l do, Mrs. Sadeghi?
Where do you live?
That way.
Stay in the playground
for a while.

Dear Mrs. Sadeghi!
Don't worry about
this little girl.

l'll take care of her.
What can l do?
She can't stay on the street.
l'm responsible
if anything happens to her.

Think about what l said.
And do come, please.
l'm not called General
for nothing!

l said l'll take this girl home.
Consider it done!
Which way do you go, little girl?
How do you go home?
We go that way,
then we reach the bus stop