and we get on one of
those big buses.

The really big ones, you know?
l'll take you on my bike
and l'll leave you
at the bus stop.

ls that OK?
She's a big girl.
And what if my mother comes?
Mrs. Sadeghi will tell her
that l took you to the bus stop.
Don't worry about her,
Mrs. Sadeghi.

l'll take care of her.
l'll leave her at the bus stop.
But please be kind
and come to the wedding.

What shall l do ?
Go with the gentleman.
You can trust him.
He'll leave you at the bus stop.
Will you tell my mother then?
Yes! Go ahead.
Don't forget.
OK. Goodbye.
Aren't you taking your bag?
That's a good girl.
By the way,
my wife sends her regards

and invites you to the wedding.
Only she was wondering
if you could put on
a suitable dress.

Before it was my son,
now it's me?

There's no point insisting.
That's the way we are.
Do what you think in best.
l should get going.
See you soon.
Are you OK back there?