Why don't you
take the school bus,

since you live so far?
Don't you want to tell me?
My father says,
it costs too much.

Plus, my mother works nearby.
Then she might still be at work.
No, she's been off
for the past week.

You're the one with a cast
and your mother's off work?

No, it's not because of my arm.
lt's because she's going to
give me a little baby.

So your mom's going to
give you a little sister?

Not at all!
l'm going to have a brother.
They took a picture
and said it was a boy.

How clever!
You can tell if it's a boy,
just by seeing a picture.

Then you'll have
a jolly little brother.

What did you say
your father's job was?

Let me see...it was near here.
There it is.
Wait for me here.
l'll only be a minute.

lt won't take me long.
l'll be right back.