You've been having some problems
in your life

during the past months.
You argue with your husband.
He's changed.
He's not as nice as
he used to be.

l see in your hand
that he has another woman.

So you have to
keep an eye on him.

l think he has something in mind,
that he's making some plans.
l think he wants a second wife.
ls he earning more money
these days?

Spend as much as you can.
Don't let him get rich,
or he'll do it.

The lines of your hand
are confusing.

l can see you've lost somebody
who was as close to you
as a sister.

You don't know where she is.
You really want to see her again,
but she is far away
and you can't reach her.

She too is very eager to see you.
But you'll hear from her soon,
You might see her again.
lt'll be a great joy to you.
Stop! That's my mom.
Stop please!
Stop the bus.
This little girl wants to get off.

She's been left behind.
Stop the bus.