Ah, David, finally.
Our professor
from across the sea.

- George Grierson, Dr Bean.
- I'm delighted, Doctor.

- Actually, I'm not...
- A photo, sir?

Hold it right there.
We've heard a lot about you.
We expect a great deal of you.
Bernice is in charge of PR.
An absolute honour, Doctor.
Walter Huntley,
our merchandise manager.

Nice to meet you.
Take a seat, Doctor.
Let me take that.
This is very out-of-date.

Before we settle in,
feast your eyes on these.

I'll be honest with you, Bean.
- I like this.
- It's beautiful, sir.

- Over here.
- OK.

It's a lovely green there.
Good, down to business.
I've asked Bernice to run
through the order of events.

Dr Bean, would you join us?
No, I'll just...
Very well.
Anything pertaining
to media requirements

has an asterisk.
i.e., glossy stills required
by some favoured weeklies,

that sort of thing.
The big day unfolds as follows:
our generous benefactor
General Newton arrives at 10am,

then at 10.30
will be the unveiling