There it is.
Take your beer, OK?
- Yes.

Oh? Yes.
Shit ... there he goes.
He hadn't reckoned on that.
She's got one, too.
Where do all those guns come from?
- Where do they all come from?

What do you mean?
- You knowwhat l mean.

lfthey need a gun,
onejust appears.

Yes. lt's a film.
- l know it's a film.

Hey, we're watching a film, OK?
- l just don't get it.

How come
they all know about guns?

You think about it a lot?
- Yes.

l don't know.
lt's as if ...

... all of a sudden
they all know howto fire them.

Even ordinary people like us.
- Why all this talking?

Who's talking?
- l am, because you are.

l wasn'ttalking, Leo was.
- Don'tyou think about it as well?

Doesn't he like this film or what?
- Sure. Let's watch it, OK?

Yeah ...
ltjust doesn't look
like that in real life.

l saw a guy get shot a few days ago.
Louis was there as well.

lt doesn't look like that,
does it?

l really don't know
whatyou're on about.

One of Louis' friends got shot.
And then he began
beating the guy up.

You beat him up, didn'tyou?
l really don't remember.
- No. You don't?

Not beating him up?