Blood and Wine

Profound. Okay.
Has Jason loaded my car yet?

[Radio: Announcer]
A hundred seventy-seven yards in the first half.

- [Radio Continues, Indistinct]
- [Sniffing]

Not bad.

Fuck off.
[Radio: Announcer]
Third down, seven yards to go.

You know what I was doing
when I was your age, Jason?

Selling ties in Saks Fifth Avenue
in New York City.

Hundreds and hundreds of ties.
One time I got so hot,
I sold the tie right off my own neck.

I was pulling down 500 a week.
Lawyers made less,
and they went to college.

But you're broke.
They're not.

[Exhales] I'm talking to you, Jason.
I'm trying to teach you things.

And what do I get?
Prime-time shit, shit and more shit.

Then you're probably used to it by now.
You've been around half my life.

[Radio: Announcer]
He's changing his play at the line.

This is Fryar in motion
to the right. Marino drops back.

- Go deep. Deep!
- He's under pressure. He's looking for Fryar!

Deep to Fryar!
Throw it!

[Announcer] We're back live. Just over
two minutes remaining in the half.

- Tie score, Mike. You're in trouble.
- Don't underestimate Kelly.

- Kelly's walking in his sleep.
- You're a bad influence on him.

[Radio Continues,
Announcer Indistinct]

- [Woman] Good morning.
- How are you?

This is my stepson, Jason.