Blood and Wine

[Laughs] So, uh, you ain't
got to worry about it sinkin'.

- I been working on it every day.
- Cool.

What's the matter?
You nervous?

[Henry Giggling]
You okay?
- Good luck.
- Gabriela!

You gonna be able to fix the thing, Harold,
or do you need a replacement?

I'll tell you when I see
the condition of the pipes.

The coolant might be leaking.
Where's the attic access?
Damn fiberglass.
Either of you know how to kill
the water to the house?

Oh, yeah.
Sure, sure.

So, where are we going?
Ah, we got about four hours to Cuba.
Oh, really?
It took me a week.
Fifteen of us on a very small boat.
- I can turn around if you want.
- No, it's okay.

I like the water.
Even when we were coming over,
the sea was so beautiful.

I never wanted to sleep.
I was happy.
I was ashamed to be so happy.
People were dying.