Blood and Wine

Where are you going to this time?
Napa. I got a problem with a supplier.
Goddamn California boutique wineries.
They're all owned by lawyers.
- Oh, I was looking for those.
- Tom and Lucy Garcia?

They're agents. They're going to
New York to see a wholesaler.

First class?
Yes. Sometimes you gotta
keep up relationships.

Apparently not with me.
Don't you have physical therapy tonight?
Oh, you didn't notice.
The bandage is off.

Did I come home too early?
Look, I got an idea.
Sit down at your desk and write out
all your complaints.

Then when I get back, we can have one
of those nice, long fights you like so much.

But right now
I gotta catch a plane.

So give me the goddamn tickets!
- That is my suitcase!
- I'll FedEx it to ya.

- You're gonna talk to me!
- You already broke your leg
on these stairs once, Suzanne.

- I don't want it to happen again.
- I tripped on one of your damn golf balls!

- I wasn't drunk!
- You were plastered!

I put Terry's life insurance into that store,
and you spent it on your girlfriends...

while my checks bounced!
I let you mortgage my house!
Eight years I worked my cock off in that
store for you- 12-hour days, one-day weekends!

Don't you tell me I didn't try!
All right, give me the keys.
- You are gonna talk to me.
- Give me the keys.

Wasting my life!

I don't wanna hurt you!
No! No!