Blood and Wine

[People Chattering, Laughing]
[Chattering Continues,
Woman Screams, Laughs]

How'd she find this place?
Linda has a weakness for bartenders.
- Well, it's a short walk for a beer.
- [Chuckling]

- Where's the key, Mom?
- Here, I think.

Mugged by your own wife, eh?
How ironic.
You should have let me do it.
I darned my own socks in prison.
They won't be hard to find.

I never understand your optimism.
It lacks foundation.
I know 'em.
I know how they think.
"Director of catering.

Island concierge. "
Sounds great.

Housekeeping manager. "

Oh, I see some definite possibilities here.
You don't need to take a job you don't like.
I've got enough money.

You don't.
Believe me.

Your name Henry?
I'm Jason's father, Alex.
His father is dead.
Well, stepfather.
Yeah, so, uh-
so, where is he?

- He didn't show up last night.
- Oh, yeah?

Well, he didn't come home either.
His mother's worried about him.