Blood and Wine

I-Is this-
I want to speak to a Mr. Victor.
I'm calling from Largo.
We could sign on to a charter.
That's what you and Dad
were gonna do.

I'll crew, you cook.
- Why? It's pretty here.
- Mom, it's next to a bar.

- True.
- Come on.

The Mediterranean, huh?
The Turkish coast?
- It's great fishing there.
- [Laughs]

Okay. Freedom.
It's obvious she love you.
What is that, some kind of Latin concept?
Kill the one you love?

Well, I could do the same to keep you.
- You don't say.
- Uh-huh.

Then my cousins would come...
put you on a spit
and roast you like a pig.

Do me a favor.
Don't love me.

You, uh-
You okay for cash
while I'm gone?

Alex, I thought
I was coming with you.

You are, when I get back.
This is just a couple of days.
Dull, boring days.
Thanks, boss.

¡Voy! ¡Voy! ¡Ya vengo!

What are you doing here?
Came to see the cats.