Career Girls

Well, since I were eight.
I don't remember anything before that.

- Really? Why is that?
- I don't know. It's just like one big blank.

- My mum and dad split up when I was eight.
- Really?

- Yeah.
- So did mine.

- What, when you were eight?
- Yeah, my dad walked out on us
when I were eight years old.

My dad ran off with another woman.
- So did mine. Coincidence, eh?
- Synchronicity.

Yeah, but what is synchronicity, and what's,
you know, like, coincidence?

Jung says that synchronicity is when two
different things happen at the same time.

One's being a normal state,
and the other is a psychic one.
Do you know what I mean, like?

- Kitchen synchronicity.
- All right.

- Hello.
- Good evening.

- What's for tea?
- Spaghetti with tuna.

- I hate tuna!
- Well, you don't have to eat it, do ya?

- I told you I don't like the smell of fish!
- Sorry.

Don't have a go at her.
She can cook what she likes.

It's all right for her.
Her room isn't next to the kitchen, is it?

- Do you want to fight?
- Oh, don't be childish.

- Kojak!
- Shut up!

Bloody cheek.
I feel really bad now.
Well, don't.
We like tuna. Right?

Freud enlarged his first
theory of dreams...

to cover the recurrent nightmares of
shell-shocked soldiers in the First World War.

What we would refer to today
as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Here the dreams show
the compulsion to repeat...

and, by doing so,
to try to master actively...

what was done to the person
as a passive agent of trauma.