Con Air

Well, that makes your daddy
very proud.

Oh, I know
# How do I breathe without you #

# If you ever go #
Tricia Poe!
You little angel, you.

Hey, how about joinin' me
and the boys for a cold one?

- Huh, darlin'?
- No, thanks.

Who's your
Captain Huckleberry here?

- You know this gentleman, honey?
- He's a regular.

Yeah, I'm a regular.
Huh. Regular hound dog.

This is a special occasion, and
if you don't mind, I'd like to
spend it dancin' with my wife.

Tell you what, soldier Dick. Why don't
you go buy me and my buddies a round?

Hey, Cameron, no.
It ain't worth it.

Hey. Come on, Daddy.
Let's dance.

Oh, chickenshit!
'Cause of pussies like you,
we lost Vietnam. I'll tell ya that.

- We don't need trouble.
- Oh, you should be so proud.

You know, for a second there
you were that guy again.

I know it.
Well, I was hopin' maybe the army
would make that guy grow up.

- He has.
# Then tell me now #

# How do I live
without you #

# I want to know #
# How do I breathe
without you #

# If you ever go #
Hey, Gomer!
Thought you might need a little help
escortin' your old lady home.

Cameron, let's go home.
Just get in the car.

- Come on.
- Cameron!

Cameron, get in the car!
Dale! Dale!