Con Air

Cameron Poe, you have pleaded guilty
to manslaughter in the first degree.

With your military skills,
you are a deadly weapon...

and are not subject to the same laws
as other people that are provoked...

because you can respond
with deadly force.

It is the order of this court that you
be remanded to a federal penitentiary...

where you shall remain incarcerated
for a term not less than 7 to 10 years.

Hello, pretty girl.
Come, come.
Bring it here. Hey! Hey!

Dearest Tricia, I think of you always.
Your smile, your laugh.

I'm not angry.
The blame's gotta fall on me.

I am, however, torn apart
when I think that I won't...

be there to see our child
come into the world...

cradled in your arms,
and her first smile.

I got your package.
Those pink coconut things...

have made me
quite popular.

Met a guy just the other day.
Baby-O. He sure does love 'em.

And now our daughter,
beautiful Casey.

I watch her grow
in the pictures you send.

I showed 'em to Baby-O.
His reaction was simple.

He said, "Thank God
she looks like her mama."

I'd have to agree.
It's funny, but here I am in maybe
the worst place on earth, and yet...

somehow I feel like
the luckiest man alive.

Dear Daddy, I started today at
the Little Sunshine Day Care Centre.

My teacher is Miss Gordon.
She is nice.

We go to playtime, and we all have
to hold hands when we walk there.

Dear Casey, it was so good
to read your letter.

I'm glad you like
your teacher.

We don't exactly have
a playtime like you.

We do go outside, though.
But normally, we don't hold hands.