Con Air

My wife and I will have
our Margaritas on the yacht.

Dear Daddy, today was
my first day at first grade.

I didn't like it.
I don't want to go back tomorrow.

This boy, Scotty Dalton, has
black teeth and calls me names.

Mama says I have to go back.
Tell her not to make me.

Dear Casey, hopefully this finds
you still goin' to the first grade.

School is very important.
Your mama's right.

Now, don't you worry
about little Scotty Dalton.

Sometimes you meet people like that,
but don't let 'em get you down.

Dear Daddy, are you ever
comin' home?

Dear Casey, of course
I'm comin' home.

In just a little while longer, and all
the things we missed doin' together...

you can be sure
we'll do.

Dear Hummingbird, break out
the fine china, chill the lemonade...

tie a yellow ribbon
'round the old oak tree...

'cause this boy's comin' home to
his ladies, comin' home forever.

I just hope I'm not a disappointment
to Casey or to you.

Love, Cameron.
"My daddy is coming home
on July 14th.

My birthday
is July 14th.

I'm going see my daddy for
the first time ever on July 14th."

I can't wait to meet you, honey. Isn't
that the cutest thing you ever heard?

Yeah, man.
Hey, now,
what is this?

I can't see my little daughter
on her birthday without bringin'
her a gift, now can I?

Yeah, man,
but that's a bunny rabbit.

That's all right. I mean, she'll
like it, right? I mean, what?

It's either this or a tube
Of toothpaste and two packs
of Pall Malls at the canteen.

- Now, that's a present.
- I'll remember that on your birthday.

Yeah, you do that, man.