Con Air

"It having been made to appear to
the United States Parole Commission...

Cameron Poe is eligible
to be paroled."

Shit, might be a long time before I see
somethin' like that with my name on it.

- You'll get your own
date someday, Baby-O.
- I ain't worried about that, man.

Yeah, but like at this new prison you're
goin' to, who's gonna watch your back?

God's got my back.
You know what I'm sayin'?

I'm goin' home, son!
Wait, don't be gettin' all juicy
on me, all right? Get off me.

Step out.
Good night.

The U.S. Marshal Service
annually flies...

155,000 prisoners
around the country...

for transfers, legal hearings
and medical exams.

As you know, today's flight
is a special one.

We're populating Alabama's
Feltham Penitentiary...

the newest super-max facility
in the system.

This place was designed to warehouse
the worst of the worst.

Now, most of these guys
are lifers, some on death row.

Pure predators,
each and every one of them.

- Hey, lady!
- Lady's a dog in a Walt Disney movie.

My name is Bishop.
Guard Bishop to you.

Well, I gotta be gettin' my shot
before we go gettin' on some
aeroplane, Guard Bishop.

- What's your name?
- Odell. They didn't give me
my shot last night.

Okay, you're diabetic?
All right, your insulin's on board.
We'll give it to you in flight.

- Cameron Poe.
- Yes, ma'am.

You know you're still under full
restraints till you're processed...

and released from your original
prison, understand?

Yes, ma'am. As long as I make it home
on time, it makes no never mind.

- It's my daughter's birthday.
- Well, congratulations.

I got locked down three months before
she was born. She ain't never seen me.