Con Air

- Hey, Willie.
- Boys!
- How ya doin'?
- What's up, Chief?

- You know each other?
- Vince Larkin.
- Sims, DEA. Good to meet you, Larkin.

This is our file on your man,
Francisco Cindino, son of Eduardo...

prime mover of narcotics
from Colombia.

It's gonna be
an all-star flight.

This kid's a potential fountain of
information about the family business.

- Eleven and a half okay?
- Yeah.

Look at him.
Nice college boy, right?

We interrogated him for months.
He gave up nothing.

This is our last chance
before the FBI gets him.

Over my dead body
those assholes get the glory.

We pick up Mr Cindino
in Carson City.

From then until the plane hits Alabama,
we've got two hours to get him to talk.

We got you a seat right next
to him, and he's known to be...

somewhat garrulous
in the company of thieves.

What the fuck is garrulous?

That would be loquacious, verbose,
effusive. How about "chatty"?

What's with dictionary boy,

Thesaurus boy, I think,
is more appropriate.

- You got your gun?
- Yeah.

- Whoa, whoa. Gun?
- We got rules, gentlemen.

- Yeah. So do we. Our agents go armed.
- No one carries on this flight.

I've got a small arsenal
in the belly of the plane.

A pistol in the cockpit lock box.
That's it.

Other than that, we keep
the plane like a prison.

No weapon on the aircraft,

My man does not get on
that plane without his gun.

Then your man doesn't
get on the plane.

Okay, Willie,
give it to him.

Give him the gun.
- Avoid eye contact.
- I got it.

- In the pen, it's a sign of aggression.
- Larkin, I got it.

Foxtrot Charlie,
we are ready to disembark.

Waiting your go
on separatee transfer.

Well, we told you today's flight
would be special.

- That's William Bedford,
aka "Billy Bedlam."
- The mass murderer?