Con Air

I got a spot on my arm
just for you.

Hey, man, yo. Come on,
get off my medication.

I'm sorry, man.
The shit's in my way.

- I'm gonna use your whole body
to make me feel good.
- All right here, man. Come on.

All right, man.
Stop rushin'.

Ah, yeah.
No, no. Oh, no!
Make me hurt you.

- What you doin'?
- I can't allow that.

- You know what I am?
- Ugly all day.

This ain't happenin',
not here, not now.

- Oh, it's happenin'.
- Hey!

Relax. He's right.
Not here and not now.

- Do you fly, Johnny?
- No.

You keep that in mind
when you look at her...

because if your dick
jumps out of your pants...

you jump out
of this plane.

What are the numbers in Carson City?
How many on, how many off?

- Six off and ten on.
- Find the six.

Well, I know three of these brothers.
Th-They right back there.

Uh, the other three are Benson,
Carls and Popovitch.

- Where are they?
- That's a damn good question,
Cyrus. And I'm gonna find out.

The pilot wants to know
what's next.

He's to land at Carson City
Airport as scheduled.

Carson City? The law is down
there. You lost your mind?

According to my last
psych evaluation, yes.

Diamond Dog,
if you would.

You think you're free?
You're not. Now, listen up.

Forty to 50 U.S. prison guards
armed with shotguns are waitin'
for us at the next stop.

Now, if you do exactly
what we tell ya...

the rest of our lives will be
a vacation in a non-extradition country.

I'm talkin' sandy beaches,
umbrella drinks...