Con Air

The tape's just a little
precaution in case any of you...

are rocked by the sudden impulse
to squeal like a pig.

Not that we don't trust you.
But let's face it, you're criminals.

- Come on, man, move your head up.
- I want to stay on.

I changed my mind.
So, Cyrus, we got
a little mind-changer.

I got 15 years left, and
I know I'd just hate myself...

if I thought I blew my one shot
at a naked party freak...

and, and
an umbrella drink.

You got 15 years? Boy, a second ago
you couldn't wait to get off this plane.

I know.
Fear of freedom, I guess.

Get him up.
Get the cuffs off him.

Pick out a guard, and then put
that dead cop's prison issues on him.

- What the hell are you doin'?
- Stayin'.

They're gaggin' everybody
for the bus ride to the pen.

It'll be hours before the Feds discover
what happened. By then you'll be dead.

- So will she.
- Poe, think of your little girl.

Now, what would my daughter
think of me if I left you like
this to get dishonoured and die?

You keep acting like you're still a
Ranger, we're all gonna be in trouble.

You're not that guy any more.
You're a convict.

Dear God!
- Told you I'd get that back.
- Fuck you, trailer trash.

Hey, my mama lives in a trailer. Now put
those on. I just saved your life.

Okay, soldier boy.
You got a plan?

Chief? I got a lot
of weird shit down here.

- What is it?
- This looks like the drawing of a plane.

- Whose cell is that?
- The Virus.