That you are brilliant...
...a major pain in the ass...
...and obsessed with a field of study
he considers tantamount...

:10:08 professional suicide.
Anything else?
Those were the highlights.
Davio, Dr. Vernon.
Dr. Arroway.

Believe you've already met our tireless
research assistant, Mr. Fisher...

:10:22 well as his cologne.
Brook's looking at the black hole
in M-87.

Eli's studying Markarian 541,
a major gamma ray source.

Dr. Arroway will be spending her
precious telescope time listening for...

...listening for....
Little green men.
One down...
...a couple billion to go.
Arecibo, right?
Does it show?
Cracker Jack?
No, thanks.
Mind if I sit down?
I hear the locals,
they call it "El Radar."

Convinced it has some
dark military purpose.

I think we're harmless.
Palmer Joss.
- Ellie Arroway.
- Nice to meet you, Ellie.

What are you studying up there?
The usual.
Nebulae, quasars, pulsars,
stuff like that.

What are you writing?
The usual.
Nouns, adverbs...

...adjective here and there.
I work on a project, SETI.
Search for
Extraterrestrial Intelligence?

That is out there!