Not really.
I got my Masters in Divinity...
...then left the seminary to do
secular humanitarian work...

...coordinating Third World churches.
I couldn't live with the celibacy thing.
You could call me a man of the cloth...
...without the cloth.
You want to get out of here?
You see that large W-shaped
constellation there? That's Cassiopeia.

And Cassiopeia A gives off
a whole lot of radio signals.

I listen to them a lot.
It's a remnant of a supernova.
When did you know
you wanted to be an astronomer?

When I was about eight years old...
...watching the sunset, I asked Dad,
"What's that bright star over there?"

He said that it wasn't a star.
It was...

...a whole planet called Venus...
...which should be over there soon.
He said,
"You know why they called it Venus?

Because they thought
it was so beautiful and glowing.

But they didn't know...
...that it's filled with...
...deadly gases and sulfuric acid rain."
Wow, I thought,
"This is it! I'm hooked!"

There are four hundred billion
stars out there...

...just in our galaxy alone.
If only one out of a million
of those had planets...

...if just one out of a million
of those had life...

...and if just one out of a million
of those had intelligent life...

...there would be literally millions
of civilizations out there...