Deconstructing Harry

Our marriage is finished!
I'm sorry to hearthat.
You shocked?
Yes and no.
Things have not been very good
for some time.

I knew he played around.
Did you?
You never mentioned that.

I don't like to discuss
my private life.

First suspected Lynn, his editor.
Then I thought...

it might be Allison Davis,
a friend of ours.

I even thought he might have
a crush on you.

You're beautiful and we've spent
a lot of time together...

and you two get along very well.
Obviously I knew you never would
in a million years...

but I imagined he longed for you.
I even heard him mention
your name in his sleep once.

My goodness.
That's absurd!
You're all red!
Are you okay?
Since we're talking openly...
I have a confession to make.
Life sometimes takes very
strange twists and turns.

It overwhelms us, and we can't
help our feelings.

Our feelings are irrational.
But to hear from your husband
that he found another woman!

He said that?
He said his future
is all mapped out.

I'm going to be totally
frank with you.

-Try to hang on and understand.
-What? I'm being replaced.

But it doesn't have to be
a nightmare...

if we're all just mature about it.
Replaced by a 25-year-old.
-Excuse me?
-A 25-year-old.