Double Team

- The swan is beautiful. So are you.
- Not for long.

You'll still be sexy.
A bit rounder, and a bit softer . . .

- The baby, isn't it what we want?
- Of course.

Bonjour, Jack.
- You don't believe in front doors.
- You know all about back doors.

- How did you find me?
- We never lost you.

- Then you know l'm retired.
- How long can you watch the sunset?

You're a hunter. You miss the game.
You don't get it. For me, it's
personal. For you, it's politics.

Politics makes money, opportunity.
Everything's politics.

You want personal? Okay . . .
Stavros is back.
We want him alive.

We want all his nasty information.
Names, escape routes. We need you.

You're the only guy who knows
how he works.

Come on. lt's your last shot.
A Delta team is waiting in Antwerp.

Face it, Jack.
You can't retire until he does.

- ls Quinn coming back or not?
- lf he's not, we go to plan B.