Double Team

- Offence gets the glory.
- But defence wins the game.

l take cash, gold . . .
Did you open that?

Fire in the hole!
But no cheques. And my rule is:
You break it, you bought it.

Gentlemen, this is Delta 1 .
Forget you ever saw him.

Mr. Yamir here says Stavros will
surface tomorrow . . . close to here.

An amusement park . . .
- Who's my dead-eye?
- Me, sir.

Do you know how to use it?
lt's rigged for tranquilizer darts.
Can you hit a man at 200 yards?

l can shoot
the dick off a hummingbird.

He's like a snake. Look in his eyes,
he'll get you in the back.

When we l D Stavros, move into
position. We only have one shot.

Two darts will kill a man.
Three, a rhino. We want him alive.