Double Team

lt's a typical Stavros operation,
and confirms our intelligence.

But who is paying for his talents?
We anxiously await your analysis.

What's unusual, is that
no one's claimed responsibility.

Location: Barcelona. The Algerians
have flexed their muscles there.

They can't afford Stavros.
Maybe it's personal vengeance.

- Maybe Stavros is working alone.
- Why would he?

- Suppose it was a random act?
- Many groups are active in Spain.

- What do you think, Jack?
- No.

We await your comment.
lt's not Stavros.
lt's a copycat.

l also failed to get Stavros.
He's my last unpaid debt.

He's free, and l'm stuck here.
You were our last hope,
the last one good enough to get him.

- Does he know about this place?
- Maybe. That's why he's dangerous.