Excess Baggage

You can't be serious.
You've got to be kidding.

- Did you dump the chihuahua here?
- It's 20 minutes to the highway.

- It's dark.
- It's night-time. Hit the road.

- Bye.
- I can't go.

Do I have to drag you out?
- A girl can always get picked up.
- I can't get out.

Don't throw any kicks or punches.
Just get out.

Not here!
Take me back to the highway!

Please, don't leave me here.
Don't be afraid. Stay right there.
Look, a shooting star. Make a wish.

- Wish you were here.
- No, I'm going to die!

- You can't leave me here.
- Get off the damn hood.

Are you going to leave me?
Look what you did.
You scratched the paint.
You're a real screwy kid,
you know that?

Get in!
It's your lucky day.
Gas, food and lodging, two miles.

- You can't drive me two more miles?
- It's just business. Come on, road.