Excess Baggage

It's been a pretty rough day.
You had me handcuffed in your car.

You almost left me
in the wilderness.

I've got a Twinkie in the car.
It's all yours if you want it.

Make this call for me.
I'm asking you in a nice way.
Please, make this call for me.

It's not like I'm asking you
to turn water into wine.

Come on.
- What car did the kidnappers drive?
- A white Cutlass Supreme.

I don't have any money.
- 206...
- 206-555-0166.

- Collect call from Emily T. Hope.
- Hope residence.

I have a collect call
from Emily T. Hope.

- Go ahead with your call.
- John, is my father there?

- Emily, where are you?
- Hi, Dad, I'm okay, but...