Excess Baggage

Was the timing of this whole fiasco
in any way connected with that?

- Leave? Your daughter's in peril.
- What do you want from me?

Uncle Ray ripped off my friend.
When he's okay, I'll come home.

- Then you can get back to business.
- Very well.

You have my word.
Meet me at the boat tomorrow.

When she does come back,
there'll be some trouble.

I'll look after the police.
You take care of the rest.

I'll take care of it.
- What does your father do?
- Businessman.

- What does your mother do?
- She died when I was three.

- I'm sorry about that.
- It's all right.

- Can you remember her?
- No.

- Can I ask you a question?
- What?

What are you running away from?
I'm not running away.
- I'm trying to get your money back.
- Come on...

You're running away from something.
Why did you get in the trunk?

- Oh, we're talking about that.
- Yeah, I want to know about that.

- I wanted to make my father feel.
- Make him feel what?