Excess Baggage

I'm her uncle. Watch your mouth.
- Hands up. Is he armed?
- Hey, your money. Where's the girl?

Give me that bag. As I was
trying to say, there's a protocol.

I check the money. Understand?
- That's a nice car.
- Stand still and shut up.

A million bucks.
I've waited a long time for this.

- There's no million dollars here!
- That's what I owe.

- Can't anybody count around here?
- That's what I owe.

The 500 SL is a beauty, but do I
need that kind of horsepower?

- Who is this guy?
- Her uncle.

I trusted you.
He took 800,000.
He ripped us off, man!

- Step up with the girl.
- Did you rip us off, man?

Did you rip us off?
Don't be stupid.

- What did I say? What?
- Let's get back to business.

Did we disturb your shopping spree?
Do you like that car? Do you?