You watch your fuckin' mouth!
l'm about to unleash
the biblical plague ''Hell-A'' deserves,

but l'll give this shithole
a break if my brother and l walk.

- Bullshit.
- Oh-Oh no, l-l see, l see.
Y-You think l'm bluffing.

Maybe l am.
But, then, maybe l'm not.

More importantly, what would
you do with me locked up?

You'd drive your wife
and kid crazy.

Say, how is your daughter,
anyway? ls she ripening by now?

Your-- Your darling Janie,
your little peach?

ls she ripe?
Policeman, don't shoot me.
l'm scared, Seanie!
Well, l think you better pull
the trigger,

because l don't give a fuck!
l'm ready
Ready for the big ride, baby
Well, Sean, looks like
Elvis done left the buildin'.

lt wasn't my fault.
Why won't you ever be on my side?

l am always on your side,
but you have to give me a chance--

Now what?
She was suspended again. Some kid
made a crack about her clothes--

- She started a fight.
- That's right, Dad.
Don't even ask me what happened.

Okay. What happened?