Fierce Creatures

My encyclopedia says they're
easily tamed and often kept as pets.

You've not been attacked
by one, sir.

Nobody's been attacked
by one, Lotterby...

or, rather, ifthey have,
they never noticed.

Now, these Patagonian maras ofyours...
devastate entire
Argentinian villages, do they?

They completelywipe 'em out, sir.
Shocking to watch.

It says here they eat grass.
That's for hors d'oeuvres, sir.
When their blood's up--

Lotterby, you are trying
to deceive me into thinking...

- some ofyour animals are fierce...
- I'm talkin' about the rogue ones, sir.

when they are, in fact, loveable, cuddly
and surplus to requirements.

You want ever animal here a psycho?
Exactly. I want
a lethal weapon in every cage.

- So what do we do with all the others?
- Simple. Get rid of'em.

- Willa, can I askyou a question?
- Sure.

- Are those breasts real?
- Yes.

You know, Willa, you better be careful
dressed like that around here.

People will thinkyou're
sleeping yourway to the top.

Just as long as they don't think
I'm sleeping myway to the middle.

What areyou doing?
I'm going to askyour father
ifI can go run the zoo.

You want to go to the Third World
and operate an animal toilet?

Animals, paper clips, television
companies. It's all business.

Willa, these things smell.
With enough zoos up and running,
we are talking billions.

Wow! How about dinner tonight?
You can wearyour office clothes.

No, I have to get up early.
I'm pitching it to Rod in the morning.

- What's the hurry?
- I don't want to give our ruthless...

little Chinese friend
time to make an impact.

Idaresay theyare upset,
Di, butIhaveajob to do.

- Yes, I know, but I--
- Look, I have to be hard-nosed, okay?

McCain demands it. All the time,
you've got to be tough, tough, tough.