Free Willy 3: The Rescue

I wanted to hear it, so I brought it
down a couple hundred octaves.

This is what I got.
That's no animal I've ever heard.
- It's not an animal.
- You're sure of that?

It's just a loop.
Plays over and over again.

A loop of what?
What's the matter, boy?
Is that a harpoon?
It's a spear from a spear gun.
What's this?
It's a tool of the trade we use
to keep it afloat...

...until you bring it onboard
down here.

What happens over here?
That's where we harvest the meat.
Then we package it...

...and freeze for shipping.
- Who do you sell it to?
- Norway, Russia, Japan...

There's an underground market
for whale meat.

You mean illegal.
It's $200 a pound, kid.
There you are.
It's time to learn the harpoon.

Means a lot to me, you being here.
- Me too, Dad.
- Get up to the bow.