Free Willy 3: The Rescue

That's them, Randolph.
That's gotta be them.

Willy wouldn't do that
unless it was them.

- Call this in.
- There's nothing to call in.

Willy went after that boat. He was
defending himself. They attacked him.

- You know that for a fact?
- It's obvious. If you'd open up your eyes.

- Sir.
- "Botany Bay" checks out.

It's a registered salmon boat. Its captain,
John Wesley, his license is clean.

You're right. If they were whalers,
they'd say, "Arrest me, I kill whales."

I should call Marine Patrol and tell them
a whale told us there are whalers here?

You could hear their laughter without
using a radio. Set course for port.

You're gonna let them go.
We're due in port,
and port is where we're going.

- What would it take?
- Excuse me?

- For you to make the call.
- Proof. Show me proof, I'll call it in.

- That guy's a jerk.
- You're right. He's a jerk.

You just noticed this?
I thought you'd tell me
he's just doing his job.

- He is doing his job.
- The whalers are doing theirs.

We're gonna follow orders and do nothing
to stop them. It's not our problem.

You keep this up,
you're gonna get me fired.

If we can't follow the whales,
maybe we can get them to follow us.