Free Willy 3: The Rescue

I don't want it.
Stop him myself.
- Where are you?
- Getting the proof we need.

- Where are you?
- If I tell you, promise not to be mad.

- Know what they'll do if they catch you?
- And if they catch Willy?

Right now, I'm more worried
about you than I am about Willy.

Listen. Wesley's still at the bar.
Keep him there.

I don't want this boat leaving
with me on it.

Sorry, gotta go!
Mom? What do you do if somebody makes
you do something you don't want to?

- Who?
- Just someone.

You should never let
other people tell you what to do.

Stick up for yourself.
Do what you think is right.

Do you always have to do what's right,
even if it hurts?

That's the hardest part.
You should do it even if it hurts.