George of the Jungle

Good juju.
- Juju?
- Good luck. Protection.

I have something like that too.
Want to see?

It's not worth anything.
I found it in a cereal box
when I was ten years old.

It's my good luck. My juju.
- Can l--
- Oh.

I want you to have that.
For George?
That's the nicest present
George ever get.

Thank you.
- All right, man.
- Yeah.

It dancin' time.
- Ursula, wanna dance?
- Oh, no. Thanks.

- I'd be too embarrassed.
- What mean "embarrassed"?

That's when you feel stupid
in front of other people.

You know, like
they're judging you.

- You've never felt that?
- No.

There are no other people.
- Good point.
- George not feel stupid.

Sometimes George smash
into tree, and sometime--

Sometimes George fall out of tree house,
but not feel stupid.

Something good
always happen after.

George just lucky, I guess.
One day I looked up
and there you were

No people here to look stupid for.
Just George.