Good Will Hunting

United States of America:
A Complete History, Volume l.

Jesus. If you wanna read
a real history book,

read Howard Zinn's
A People's History in the United States.

That book'll fuckin'
knock you on your ass.

Better than Chomsky's
Manufacturing Consent?

- Do you think that's a good book?
- You fuckin' people baffle me.

You spend all your money on
these fuckin' fancy books.
You surround yourselves with 'em.

- They're the wrong fuckin' books.
- What are the right
fuckin' books, Will?

- Whatever blows your hair back.
- Yeah. Haven't got much hair left.

Hey, you know you'd be better
shoving that cigarette up your ass.

- It'd probably be healthier for you.
- Yeah, I know.

- It really gets in the way of my yoga.
- You work out, huh?

- What, you lift?
- Yeah.

- Nautilus?
- No, free weights.

- Oh, really? Free weights, huh?
- Yeah. Yeah, big time.

- Yeah?
- Just like that.

- What do you bench?
- 285. What do you bench?

You paint that?
- Yeah. Do you paint?
- Uh-uh.

- Do you sculpt?
- No.

Do you like art?
- Do you like music?
- This is a real piece of shit.

Oh, tell me what
you really think.

Just the linear and impressionistic mix
makes a very muddled composition.

It's also a Winslow Homer
rip-off, except you got
whitey rowin' the boat there.

Well, it's art, Monet.
It wasn't very good.

- That's not really
what concerns me though.
- What concerns you?

-Just the coloring.
-You know what the real bitch of it is?

It's paint-by-number.
Is it color-by-number? Because
the colors are fascinating to me.

- Aren't they really?
- You bet.

I think you're about one step away
from cuttin' your fuckin' ear off.

- Really?
- Oh, yeah.

Think I should move to the south of
France, change my name to "Vincent"?

- You ever heard the sayin',
"any port in a storm"?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, maybe that means you.
- In what way?

- Maybe you're in the middle
of a storm, a big fuckin' storm.
- Yeah, maybe.