Hard Eight

- Hey, John.
- What?

John, we're sitting here. I bought you
a cup of coffee, gave you a cigarette.

Look at me.
You wanna be a wise-ass,
go outside and take a seat.

If you wanna talk to me...
well, then--
Never ignore a man's courtesy.
Let's talk about Vegas.
Let's talk about
what happened to you.

Because something did happen.
Maybe I can help.
You wanna help me?
- You look like you could use a friend.
- You wanna be my friend?

Then give me $6,000.
Do you have that?
Can you give a total stranger $6,000?

Because that's my trouble.

What do you need $6,000 for?
- I need it.
- For what?

To bury my mother.
- You went to Vegas to win some money--
- No, I went to lose some money.

You went to win some money
to bury your mother?

To pay for her funeral?
That is very admirable.
I admire the intention.
I can't say it's wise, though.
Do you have $6,000
to give me?

No. I can't.
I didn't think so.
Isn't there someone who could--
There's no one else.
It's me.

I'm alone.
That's it, okay?

There you go.
That gonna be it?
Yeah, I think so.
Thank you.