Oh, mighty Zeus, please,
hear me and answer my prayer.

I need to know: Who am I?
Where do I belong?
My boy.
My little Hercules.
Hold on, kiddo!
What's your hurry?
After all these years...

is this the kind of hello
you give your father?

Didn't know you had
a famous father, did you?

Look how you've grown.
Why, you've got your mother's
beautiful eyes...

and my strong chin.
I don't understand.
If you're my father,
that would make me a...

A god.
Hey, you wanted answers,
and by thunder...

you're old enough now
to know the truth.

But why did you
leave me on earth?

Didn't you want me?
Of course we did.
Your mother and I loved you
with all our hearts.

Someone stole you from us
and turned you mortal...

and only gods can live
on Mount Olympus.

And you can't do a thing?
I can't, Hercules, but you can.
Really? What?
I'll do anything.

Hercules, if you can
prove yourself...

a true hero on earth...
your godhood will be restored!
A true hero. Great!
Exactly how do you
become a true hero?

First, you must seek out

the trainer of heroes.
Seek out Philoctetes.
Right. I'll...

Hold your horses!
Which reminds me.