I Know What You Did Last Summer

Check that side.
I couldn't see it.
I swear!

- Is he dead?
- Check his pulse. You rammed him!

I think he's dead.
- Who is he?
- His face is all messed up.

- What was he doing out here?
- We've got to get an ambulance.

What's your hurry?
- The guy's dead.
- You're not a doctor.

Use your brain, Julie.
If we call the police, we're fucked.

- It was an accident.
- Let's think about this.

Think about what? He crossed
the road in the middle of the night.

- You weren't drinking or speeding.
- They won't believe I was driving.

- It's my car. They'll nail my ass.
- That's not true.

I'm drunk as shit. I'm fucked!
We'll call the police
and tell the truth.

It's manslaughter.
- We're gonna fry no matter what.
- Then we leave now.

Are you crazy?
- The grille's busted and bloody.
- We can clean it up.

- We're going to the police!
- We don't have time for your shit!