I Know What You Did Last Summer

What if somebody else
was there that night?

- Who? It's been a year.
- I don't know.

Has Barry seen this?
- Do you ever see Barry at school?
- It's a big campus. He is back?

- I saw his car at the gym.
- Did you guys break up?

What are you two doing here?
Hi, Barry.
"I know what you did last summer. "
What a crock of shit.

- We need help.
- I'll say, you two look like shit.

You're a prick.
- We can't just ignore it.
- How do you know it's related?

- You did a lot last summer.
- Only one murder comes to mind.

You shut the hell up!
- We didn't murder anyone.
- He was still alive.

He was in the middle of the road.
- His name was David Egan.
- Who?

David Egan. He was found
three weeks after we...

His body was caught in a shrimp net.
It was in the paper.

I think the police called it
an accidental drowning.

But he died because of us.
That's certain.

What about Ray? Have you shown
the letter to him? What does he say?

We broke up last summer. Last
I heard, he was working up north.