I Know What You Did Last Summer

So Ray's a fisherman.
Yeah, almost a year now.
I work on that one over there.

That's nice.
Have a nice life, guys.
I'm out of here.

Have you got a minute?
I've got to get back to work.
Call me, we can get together.

We need to talk.
- And you think Max sent it?
- Barry does.

He's probably just screwing around.
He doesn't have much else to do.

- So... how's school?
- So, you're a fisherman.

Prophecy fulfilled.
I've become my father.

- I didn't think you knew your dad.
- All I know is he worked the boats.

I know you hold me responsible
for what happened last summer.

No, I'm responsible for
my own actions. I don't blame you.

But I don't want to know you either.