I Know What You Did Last Summer

Help me!
Help me! Somebody!
What do you want?
I'm sorry.
I swear. We didn't mean it.

One moment please, Officer.
- Julie...
- What happened?

No. For the fortieth time.
I couldn't see his face.

Somebody tried to kill you.
We have to go to the police.

If he wanted me dead. He could
have done it. He's fucking with us.

- Who is?
- Some guy in a slicker.

That narrows it down.
This being a fishing village.

Since you bring it up...
You have a slicker.

- You're not gonna throw this on me.
- This isn't getting us anywhere.

Maybe we should come clean.
No. We made a pact,
and we're gonna keep it.

That's insane. Look at us.
The secret's killing us.

We're not going to the police.
We can put an end to it, and
salvage a small fraction of a life.