I Know What You Did Last Summer

I can access the local library
and pull up all we need to know.

Egan... David.
- All these articles are about him?
- Yeah. Or at least mention him.

Wait. July 5th, two years ago.
What's this?

"Susie Willis drowned, trapped in
a car near Dawson's Beach. "

- "The driver, Egan, was unharmed. "
- I remember that wreck.

Susie was engaged to David.
Her name was tattooed on his arm.
I saw it.

"Survived by his mother, Claire, and
sister, Melissa, of Maribel County. "

They live in the sticks.
What do you think?

What have we got to lose?
Turn right...
Back there.

Do we just say, "We killed your son
and we were nearby, so... "

We play it by ear.
Angela Lansbury always had a plan.
What if they recognize us?
They could shoot us.

They could've done that already.
Jodie Foster tried this.
A serial killer opened the door.